Six Months Post Chemo

This past weekend I stopped listening to the chemo countdown in my head. It’s been six months since I finished my second round.

People ask, sort of apologetically, if they haven’t spoken to me awhile. They’ve lost track.. are you still doing treatment? The hesitance hides what they are really wondering: Is she well? Is this what cancer looks like? Oh… she’s still alive!  So I keep the elevator speech in hand: yes, finished my second course of chemo in August. Back in remission. All is well.

This past weekend I went downhill skiing in Manning Park. The day was splendid… sun, blue skies, a ring of mountains. And lovely snow. I’ve only taken up skiing again recently after 10 years. So careening down Horseshoe Trail required all my senses.

Of course I’m reminded… like this morning when I walked downtown and felt the tiredness with every plodding step. But skiing… six months past chemo. What’s not to celebrate, even if it needs an extra nap?

Lunch in the snow on February 2.

Lunch in the snow and sunshine on February 2.

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6 Responses to Six Months Post Chemo

  1. Barbara says:

    So glad I was the first to careen down a trail with you —after a decade of ski-less-ness.


  2. shawna says:

    You are a blessing – I’m glad you’re in my life!


  3. Gillian mccutcheon says:

    Hey-naps are great! I follow my 2 yr Olds lead every weekend and catch a few winks on the sofa. You go for it;)


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