Moving House

IMG_0064I plan on moving house this year. I love where I love but I’m no longer working and realize I’ve got to live within a new budget. As I wander through open houses, I’m quite aware that one of these hovels will probably be the last place I live. Where I may take my last breath.

So in addition to considering whether there is room for dinner parties, book cases, and two university students home for the holidays, I’m also checking to see if there’s a little balcony where I can get fresh air when I can’t get out. An elevator when the stairs are beyond me. And not too far from the people who are helping me keep strong: doctors, fitness, friends and family.

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One Response to Moving House

  1. Mary Louise says:

    It is amazing how cancer changes life’s outlook. It certainly puts things in perspective and although we all endeavour to live our best for as long as we can, it is necessary to think of these things. Currently, I am entertaining the thought of arranging cremation and what to do with my ashes. marylouise


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