High Times in the Book World


In the Shebeen Room last night, I had the good fortune to celebrate the debut novel of an old friend. I met Eric Brown when he taught marketing communications at Simon Fraser University and what I learned from him, helped land me a media relations job at Creo, Vancouver’s bright star of high tech, 13 years ago. Eric ended up writing on contract for Creo and later, Kodak, as he does today. In between drafting the product brochures that pay the bills, Eric wrote his first novel, Almost CriminalimagesFrom what Eric read last night, it’s a real page turner about one of BC’s top resource industries.

As Eric signed copies of his “baby”, nine years in the making, I reconnected with former colleagues of Kodak, which bought Creo, and where I left 8 years ago. Some still work there, others have moved on as I did. A co-op student I hired is still there, now working on her MBA and getting married. Some people asked about job prospects. Several people asked if I was still working at BC Hydro.

It’s a tough question to answer without getting into a whole different discussion about cancer, chemo, recurrence, long term disability… So excuse me if I’m not always truthful. I’m retired. And that’s it.

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