Winning the Jackpot in the Lottery of Life

Thank you to everyone who wished me good thoughts and crossed their fingers and toes. The CA 125 result came back. It’s still low. In fact it went down. That big sigh is me relaxing into the next 4 months of my life.

I am feeling incredibly blessed by the world and a good test result is only part of it. I am well looked after by an excellent health system that achieves the highest survival rates for my cancer. I am grateful to be financially secure due to disability payments that I contributed to while I was well. My family and friends support me through good times and they are there to listen when I’m low. My kids are young adults, both pursuing their dreams in higher education and in August I hope to help them both set up apartments in Toronto. Next month I’ll move to a new apartment, not quite so modern in a not so swish neighbourhood but it will be cozy and I will be content. And after we raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation through The Underwear Affair, I’m off to Europe for a couple of weeks. And there will be a few days of camping at the beach with my special person.

It’s a good life despite the periodic anxiety about the potential of recurrence.

May 8th is the inaugural World Ovarian Cancer Day. We will raise awareness about this nasty disease that has no diagnostic test, no cure, and kills more than half its victims within 5 years. 17,000 of us are living with ovarian cancer in Canada and we don’t want anymore to join this lottery.


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13 Responses to Winning the Jackpot in the Lottery of Life

  1. dcardno says:

    Wonderful news, Rochelle – I am so very glad to hear it!


  2. katherinr says:

    Awesome news Rochelle! I will keep positive thoughts going your way that it continues.


  3. Ramy Hill says:

    Way to go! You’ve got quite the summer ahead…a lot more exciting than mine!


  4. Therese Vermette says:

    A sigh of relief. Good news. Happy for you and the lovely summer ahead.

    I have arrived safely and have this fabulous apt downtown Ho Chi Minh city. This is the nicest apt that I ever got to stay in. I am managing to hit the gym by 6 am which is not a problem since I am up early anyway with the jet lag. I am 14 hrs ahead of van and just finished day 2. Day one was slow since Ottawa delayed hooking me up to the computer system therefore could only read cases and not access stuff. I am the first TD officer in at least 2 yrs so I got lucky. I am replacing a guy on paternity leave and stuff has piled up. Learning quickly that Vietnam has some economic problems although you would not be able to tell from the clothes the ladies wear and motorbikes everywhere . Must say that the women are quite elegant.

    Food of course is lovely however the extreme heat of the first few days was hard to take. Walking around took efforts and good shoes. Crossing the streets here is an adventure. I take a breath and wait for a little break and slowly walk across while motorbikes are dodging around me. There is no choice to get to my office.

    Big hug and write soon. Therese


  5. deb says:

    That’s great news! Enjoy your well-deserved trip! (And, amen about the lottery.)


  6. teamjamie says:

    That is great news! Have a great and enjoyable day.


  7. Chris Dircks says:

    Belated congratulations, that really is great news. Sorry to hear about the move, but good luck! Let us know if we can help in any way.
    –Chris from next door.


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