My Life as a Bald Woman- Part 3: The Aftermath

If you haven’t already read Part 3 of Kate’s story as a bald woman, you’re in for a treat. Enjoy!

Clearly Kate.

While I had fully expected to deal with a few months of bad hair days and many more of those pesky in-between lengths, something I had not fully anticipated with shaving my head was the reaction of the public.

My first solo venture out in public was downtown to buy an outfit for a wedding. I left the house on my own in my favorite dress and a big smile, feeling great.

But within half an hour of being downtown all I wanted to do was to go home.

Every single person I passed stared at me—whether they openly stared or tried to do it subtly, it did not matter—I felt like a freak. With either a look of confusion or pity, people stared me down all day. Shop assistants avoided me; people became flustered if they found themselves in my way—apologizing profusely with sadness and shame in their eyes.

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