Day 3: Back to the Gym, Blah Continues

Ever since I read about a clinical trial for women with breast cancer who had a better survival rate and quality of life when fitness was part of their life… I signed up.

It was two years ago, before my first recurrence, when I started working with a personal trainer to regain my balance, strength, energy and cognitive abilities. Sarah is far more than a personal trainer however. She has trained in supporting cancer survivors to strengthen their battered bodies. She knows when to push and when to encourage us to take a break.

I thought if I worked hard in the gym — cardio, weights, balance — it would help recovery and allow me to live a longer, healthier life. Well it hasn’t kept the cancer away but who knows if it didn’t keep it away as long as it did. And help me through the ski season.

So I was back there yesterday, a little queasy but the peppermint gum kept it in check. I worked a little slower with a little less intensity and after 45 minutes, I felt much better.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts, messages of hope and encouragement.

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2 Responses to Day 3: Back to the Gym, Blah Continues

  1. dcardno says:

    Rochelle, I can’t tell you how much we are pulling for you. You’re going to make it – there’s no doubt.


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