Four Years of My New Life

IMG_1744It’s my cancerversary today… 4 years since the surgeon harvested tumours as big as a cantaloupe and a lemon. I became one of the 2,600 women who join the ovarian cancer club every year in Canada.

Crab lunch on the dock

Crab lunch on the dock

When I read that only 25% of women with Stage 3B ovarian cancer live 5 years or longer, my competitive streak was engaged. Here I am… still alive.

My prize? I retrieve it everyday. I am active, grateful and recurring. But more about that tomorrow. When I finished chemo in July (for the third time), I was ready to enjoy summer.

Smelling the roses

Smelling the roses

  • Swimming in the red tide at Jericho
  • Letting the cold water of Lightning Lake take my breath away
  • Connecting with old friends in the Okanagan
  • Camping in Manning Park
  • Retreating with my book club buddies to Saltspring Island
  • Exploring Kensington Market with my kids
  • Helping my daughter set up her first solo apartment
  • Jumping the waves of the Pacific Ocean and
  • Celebrating birthdays, fireworks and friendship.

Never stop reading and learning

Now it’s back to work. Tomorrow I see my oncologist* with the news that my tumour marker is higher than it’s been since my first blood test post-surgery 4 years ago. I’m sure that chemo awaits and perhaps surgery too.

Someday I’ll join Joanne, Kelsey, Jacquie, Ginger, Bev. They’re gone and so will I be someday. But I’m not ready yet.


* Whenever I read that… “my oncologist” I instantly think… who is talking? I still don’t always remember that it’s me who has cancer.

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7 Responses to Four Years of My New Life

  1. You inspire me every day. Constance


  2. My fingers are crossed. I will be curious what paths are offered and make sense. Lots to puzzle out.
    warmly, marcy


  3. Lynne Carrow says:

    You continue to be an inspiration, C.Q. My prayers are with you as you travel the next path on your journey.

    Much love, Rochelle – lynne



  4. Gail Nickel-Kailing says:

    Thinking of you and wishing you all the best! I can’t believe it’s been more than a decade since we first met. You are strong, loving, and full of life!
    Love from Seattle!


  5. Pam says:

    You go girl! You are tough and inspiring and teach us how to LIVE. I ‘m rooting for YOU this round. Thinking healthy thoughts.


  6. Maureen says:

    We have never met Rochelle but I am always inspired by your postings. They make me believe my best can be even better!
    I am selfishly glad you are,’not ready yet.’ Good thoughts for you, Maureen


  7. Susan says:

    We are not done with you yet! oxo Susan


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