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CA 125 Drops 6,100 Points After First Taxol

I remember the days when I was excited about my CA 125 dropping six points, never mind 6,000. But after chemo four-and-half years ago, the tumour marker was in single digits. Anything lower than 32 is considered normal. So the closer … Continue reading

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So Much for Super Heroes: Moving On After a Clinical Trial

Twenty-six years ago I was a brand new mother with an infant son. New life entered the world as my parents received a stunning diagnosis: my strong, tall, lean, sailor father had cancer. Only two months before that phone call he … Continue reading

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Ariel2: My New Superhero Fighting Ovarian Cancer

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I start the ARIEL2 clinical trial with high hopes that it will make me well and let me live longer. A lot longer. And it’s not a moment too soon. I’ve been living in limbo land since my last caelyx … Continue reading

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Courage to be Me

  As I trudge through life with cancer I am often told that I am courageous. I shrug and decline the nomination. Soldiers forced to face an enemy, fighting for freedom, facing death. That is courage. They are not deterred by … Continue reading

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Cancer is a Waiting Game

I’m a lady in waiting. Waiting for the tumour board to decide if the specialist can “cook” my liver. Radio frequency ablation (RFA) has been proposed to burn away the metastatic “super tumour” that not only survived five months of chemo … Continue reading

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