Fighting Cancers Below the Waist


My daughter Kate and I fundraising in 2011, our first year with The Underwear Affair. Kate has led The Pirates of the Nether Regions to raise $50,000. Our goal is to raise another $30,000 this year. Want to help?

It’s our third year as The Pirates of the Nether Regions team and I’m very grateful to take part in The Underwear Affair. This year’s goal: raise $30,000 to support the BC Cancer Foundation’s research into cancers below the waist.

I’ve had my own battle with one of those cancers. I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer almost 3 years ago. It’s a rotten disease. 17,000 women are living with ovarian cancer in Canada and most — 70% — won’t live 5 years past diagnosis.

Last year this time I spent several hours every week at the BC Cancer Agency for cocktails — intravenuous taxol and carboplatin to kill off a recurrence of ovarian cancer. When the carboplatin made me sick I was grateful another drug, cisplatin, was ready to take over. It was research that made me well again.


The dollars we raise support research into cancers below the waist, like ovarian. Research into better treatments, better ways of supporting survivors living with cancer, and even better screening techniques. For ovarian cancer, that would be wonderful as there is currently no screening test for this disease. We’re fighting this cancer with awareness… that’s it.

The statistics for the other cancers below the waist (prostate, cervical, testicular, colorectal, etc.) are almost as grim. That’s why this fundraiser means a lot to me.

If you’d like to join us, consider making a donation. Even a few dollars helps. It’s easy to do online or check out my fundraising page. Look for the green DONATE button on the left hand side of the page. Thank you!

Join us at one of our fundraising events in June:

  • Saturday, June 1, it’s chocolate cupcakes at the bake sale in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver. On Sunday, June 2, see us in Olympic Village in Vancouver.
  • On June 15th The Pirates of the Nether Regions host the Annual BBQ and Silent Auction. All $$$ goes to fund research for cancers below the waist.
  • Buy a ticket from our team for June 23rd at The Roxy, downtown Vancouver party spot.

We are hosting several other good-time fun and fundraising events as we lead up to July 6th when we’re all running/walking through Vancouver in the 10k/5k Underwear Affair event.

Did I mention we’ll be running in our underwear? It’s quite a spectacle and to have fun while raising money? What’s not to love.

All donations over $10 get you a tax receipt. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Many thanks for joining us in the fight.



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